“Species-Appropriate” Kibble?

28 Jun
Pet food companies that claim their kibble is “species-appropriate” because it is high-protein not only doesn’t make sense but can be harmful. Kibble is never species-appropriate for dogs and cats!!  Kibble is “pet-food-industry-appropriate”. You show me a dog or cat hunting down kibble in the wild (or eating kibble at any point over 100 years ago) and I will change my mind. I will eat my “species-appropriate” hat; see how absurd that sounds?
So many harmful effects occur from the process of creating a kibble. But, I would like to focus on the high-protein kibble issue.
About 95 percent of dry pet foods are manufactured using the extrusion process. When the originally raw, species-appropriate, high-quality protein undergoes the extrusion process (along with the rest of the ingredients) there are many unfavorable results; a major one is protein denaturation. protein-denaturation
Denaturation not only makes these once healthy proteins more difficult for your dog or cat to digest and assimilate, but the changes that occur in the structure of a healthy protein molecule during exposure to high heat is a trigger for food allergies.  I hear many dog & cat parents say “I’ve tried every protein and my pet is allergic to them all!” or “My vet says my pet is allergic to protein so he/she is on a special, prescription hydrolyzed protein diet”. BUT, the only foods these pets have been fed have been processed by extrusion. Research has shown that the immune system does not recognize the altered protein structure and treats it as a foreign invader. Could this be why so many dogs and cats who are fed processed food have allergies? I say YES, this is one of many reasons, and most likely the MAIN reason. 100% of the dogs and cats I see with allergies magically resolve when fed a truly species-appropriate diet – fresh, raw food in it’s whole form.
No one should need a prescription to eat.

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